Wargamer Tree Set

In late September 2019, the Wargamer Tree Set Kickstarter campaign successfully achieved the funding goal and 3 weeks later all model files were delivered to the participating backers.

Since the start of the project there have been additional models which will be included with the base set. So there are far more than 30+ pieces that are available.

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign you can still purchase the Wargamer Tree Set by clicking the Paypal button below.

The price is $49.00.

Once payment verification has been received, I will send you a download link to the email address you provide. Any updates and additional models between major versions will be availble to you for free. 



Get your next campaign ready for a deep journey into the depths of a magical forest. Stomp around thick and massive trees as you work your way through endless canopies of densely bunched leaves. This forest is different! Strange trees that have dragon skin growing on them. Deeper into the fray as the sunlight begins to see glimpses of what the legends spoke ancient tree of souls whose twisted bark contains the skulls of great warriors...a minor trophy of their loss and a reminder to anyone trespassing...suddenly you hear a Dragon roar behind you...get the dice we go again!

Personally...creating a unique full set of 3D printable trees for tabletop gaming has been a long-time goal of mine. Most of the available print-and-play tree .stl files I found are simply not detailed enough nor expansive enough for any variety. Furthermore, I really wanted something I could just print out...paint...and then put into play.

Everything starts with design...

A single print contains the base with a tree as a single unit. Leaves are printed separately and attached using an adhesive of your choice.

Capturing detail is one of the primary areas I focus on with the base tree designs. The bases have foliage sculpted into them so that the trunks blend into a natural forest environment. The custom-made leaves are shaped and arranged into unique groups so that you have a wide range of variety. The unique sculpted tree trunks and carved branches of each tree distinguish themselves from each other and give you an unbelievable amount of mix-and-match capability.

The bases are 2-inches wide and fit nearly perfect for most forests and grid maps. Also, the leaves can be attached fairly flat on a branch. This allows for an extra dimension of role-playing where characters can easily move from tree to tree without worrying about them falling off.

As you can see below, nearly ever single tree has a different height.

Along with the base tree set, I've included several tree stump designs. I drafted 4 unique styles with differing height. All of them contain fairly shallow pits for placing items, or possibly even a mini-dwarf during an ambush.

Fallen trees are a mainstay in forests and they should be included in any set. Included with the base trees and the stumps are 2 broken oaks. The only difference between the two is that one contains a base at the head while the other doesn't.

Not all trees in a magical forest are made of wood bark. The Dragon Trees are an additional style that replaces tree bark with dragon scales. I sketched a few ideas out that could replace the bark using different animal skin styles and ultimately settled on dragon skin.

Why stop at just 15 trees? Also included are two Tree of Souls designs. This tree contains skulls embedded into the bark resulting in a wooded cemetery of sorts. With all these designs you now have a broad range of options for swapping out and moving around trees to the requirements of the campaign. You no longer have to be concerned about your environment looking dull and repetitive.



But wait...there's more!

The following section contain tree models which made it into the Wargamer Tree Set after the official announcement of the Kickstarter. This section is updated regularly via the updates that I'm publishing nearly everyday.

I've been receiving some great suggestions and ideas for additional models to include. One of those ideas happen to be a Maw Tree. This tree contains a digestive system of sorts and is outlined with gnarly teeth around the mouth opening. There are several demon heads popping out of the mouth to illustrate the beginning of their end. You will get two sizes. The first Maw tree is the largest model in the entire Wargamer Tree Set. It stands a little bit over 9 inches tall, and rests on a 4 inch wide base. The smaller version of this model is what I call the Maw tree stump. It rests on a 2 inch base like the rest of the trees in this set and its height is measured at 1.9 inches.

The infamous Maw Tree...with Demon Heads in full digestion

Another good idea are Trees with built-in platforms. These would be useful for ambush battles and forest lookout situations. Below is an example of what one looks like with multiple bases. Some will have multiple bases embedded into the model and others will have a single base. I'll keep everyone notified with the progress of these via the Updates sections.

Built-In Platforms for Ambush Battles and Lookout Duty

One more suggestion were Trees with Faces. Shown below is one of those models which I'll simply call the Wizard in the Tree...this too will also be included in the full Wargamer Tree Set.

The Wizard in the Tree

The second to last suggestion that is included is a Portal Tree. This model stands 2.50 inches tall and rests on a wide base that measures 4 inches. The floor beneath the arch is smoothed out so that a proper 28mm mini can stand comfortably.

Wide Base Portal Tree

Finally, the last additional model that made it in the set is a Doorway Tree. There will be a few variations of this design. One will have the grass cleared from the front steps for a smoother surface for placing minis. Another will contain built-in platforms on the branches for propping up more minis within your scenes. The Platform Tree model stands a bit taller than 4.50 inches and rests on a wide base that measures 4 inches.

A Doorway that leads to a Dwarf Condo

Now let me show you what you'll be topping off these trees with...

As I mentioned earlier...the leaves print separate from the base trunk. The benefit by doing it this way is to allow for near unlimited combinations and configurations. While two trees trunks might be identical...swapping out the leaves and slightly rotating them will give the overall tree a completely different look.

Concept Draft of Leaf Designs

While the included 7 leaves in the core set have a ton of variation, a second set of leaves will further enhance the overall look of your forest. The secondary set are simply scaled down versions of the primary leaf. This is particularly useful if you plan on printing multiple sets and want to avoid the same leaf patterns, giving your trees a new, unique look from every angle.

After selecting a tree, and then combining it with a unique leaves group. All that's left is the painting. Glue the leaves to a branch and then put them into play.

A completed tree should look something like this...

Concept Draft of a Completed Tree
For experienced dungeon masters who want to step up their campaigns...or a tabletop wargamer looking to level-up their terrain...this is the ultimate 3D printed tree collection.

7 Trees
4 Stumps
7 Groups of Leaves
2 Fallen Trees
2 Tree of Souls
2 Dragon Trees
2 Maw Trees
Wizard Face Tree
Portal Tree
3 Doorway Trees
Multiple Platform Trees

This entire pack will add substantial diversity to your gaming table.

Note: A leaf group is counted as one item even though they contain multiple scaled versions.