Ready-to-Print Kingmaker 3D STL for Scatter Terrain RPG Campaigns

King Arthur has Excalibur. Thor has Mjölnir. The stories of how these legends acquired their weapons is as legendary as the power within them. Build your next wargaming campaign around the acquisition of a magical weapon. The Kingmaker Kit is a set of 3D printable weapons embedded into stone terrain. The weapons appear waiting to be freed. It is up to you to create the rich history around these magical weapons. Where did the weapon come did it get forged? Who can touch or wield it? Do they have to be combined with another object to tap their power? These are mysteries that can spawn hours of plots and situations for DMs. The story combinations and permutations never end. Build a campaign around these weapons and elevate them to full characters in your adventures.


The basic Kingmaker Kit consists of unique weapons embedded into unique stone-based terrain. As I mentioned above, character weapons should be characters themselves. At the minimum, acquiring the weapon should be a campaign worth remembering.

A warhammer embedded into a stone it under a custom made tree...or even along side the tree of souls. The base is 28mm so it is sized appropriately as a good match with the rest of the Wargamer Tree Set.

Wargamer Kingmaker Hammer

The above free Kingmaker Hammer stl is available for downloading from MEGA. File size is 10MB.