3D STL Leaves Kit for Printable Trees

The Leaves Kit included with the Wargamer Tree Set contains 7 unique patterns that you can mold using a warm-water technique for shaping.


The leaves print separate from the base trunk. The benefit by doing it this way is to allow for near unlimited combinations and configurations. While two trees trunks might be identical...swapping out the leaves and slightly rotating them will give the overall tree a completely different look

While the included 7 leaves in the core set have a ton of variation, a second set of leaves will further enhance the overall look of your forest. The secondary set are simply scaled down versions of the primary leaf. This is particularly useful if you plan on printing multiple sets and want to avoid the same leaf patterns, giving your trees a new, unique look from every angle.

After selecting a tree, and then combining it with a unique leaves group. All that's left is the painting. Glue the leaves to a branch and then put them into play..

Wargamer Leaves Kit Design